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About Blue&White

"Blue&White" basketball agency is based in Israel and was founded in May 2013. This is a unique, motivated agency led by Eran Sela, a 1968 born veteran basketball specialist. Most clients are local as this is our agenda (blue & white are the Israeli flag's colors), but at the same time we are quite active in the foreign players' field (in Israel and abroad) as well.

True, local players are the heart of this agency because our mission is to promote Israeli players. Keeping this in mind, we are always interested in representing good and high level international players and helping them find jobs in Israel and throughout the continent of Europe.

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Ronnie Levi

Ronnie is an American expat living in Tel Aviv for the last half-decade. Growing up in the basketball-rich culture of Brooklyn, New York, Ronnie got involved on the business side of the industry at the age of 19 while simultaneously attending Brooklyn College. He worked under an NBA agent for 4 years, while also creating opportunities for himself to join the Brooklyn College Women's basketball staff as an assistant coach for one season and also scouting international prospects for prior to the draft for three straight years. 


Upon graduating, Ronnie was recruited to join Bnei Herzliya, a top Israeli men's professional team, as an assistant coach from 2017 until the end of the 2019 season. Ronnie eventually decided to continue living in Israel permanently and obtained agent licenses from FIBA and the Israeli Basketball Federation. He specializes in helping Jewish basketball players from all over the world make Aliyah to come play here in the professional ranks. Ronnie is a native English speaker and fluent in Hebrew.

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